Owner’s Representative / Project Manager

The owner’s representative is ultimately responsible for the supervision of a superyacht new build or major yacht refit. He has to develop the project according to the owner’s ideas and protect the owner from all unforeseen negative events. This includes the budget control, leading third-party negotiations, and negotiations with the shipyard to guarantee a high quality of the ship and protect the owner’s interests.

During the building and outfitting phase of a new superyacht, the shipyard provides the owner’s representative with information and documentation about all ship systems. These documents must be reviewed, sorted and, at a later point in time, handed over to the crew. Based on this documentation the crew can develop the maintenance plan of the vessel to ensure safe operation at all times.

Therefore, reliable documentation and implementation of maintenance service plans helps to maintain the overall value of the vessel.

IDEA yacht management software offers a platform to collect and archive documents such as user manuals and drawings that are constantly received during a new build of refit phase. All documents can be linked to related equipment. This helps the crew in finding information for a specific equipment at a later stage.

Within the software, the OR can create tasks for people with access to IDEA yacht management software to organise and control the progress of the project.

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