Fleet Manager

A management company takes over the management of a yacht and oversees a variety of the day-to-day ship operations including administrative and financials controlling, organising compliance audits, crewing, charter scheduling and many more. The company’s fleet manager is the single point of contact for the boat. He is in constant communication with key members of the crew to help them keep the boat safe and deliver excellent service to the owner and guests. Additionally, he controls the financials of the boat and provides guidance in emergency situations.

To effectively manage all aspects of the ship’s operation from onshore, IDEA yacht management software provides the fleet manager with a set of useful tools. A variety of reports can be easily created from all modules of the software to provide a comprehensive overview of all processes on board within a specified time frame, e.g. purchases, maintenance done, expiring certificates etc. Connecting IDEA yacht management software to the related Fleet Management Portal (FMP) will further extend the possibilities for the fleet manager. He will be able to deploy documents to multiple ships and can generate reports without even logging on to the ship’s IDEA yacht management software installation.

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