The shipyard is responsible for the construction and outfitting of the yacht in time and within budget. To deliver an outstanding project to the client the shipyard has to document all systems and equipment on board the vessel. The information is received internally as well as externally on a daily basis and must be handed over to the crew at the end of the build.

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Owner’s Representative / Project Manager

The owner’s representative is ultimately responsible for the supervision of a superyacht new build or major yacht refit. He has to develop the project according to the owner’s ideas and protect the owner from all unforeseen negative events. This includes the budget control, leading third-party negotiations, and negotiations with the shipyard to guarantee a high quality of the ship and protect the owner’s interests.

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Fleet Manager

A management company takes over the management of a yacht and oversees a variety of the day-to-day ship operations including administrative and financials controlling, organising compliance audits, crewing, charter scheduling and many more. The company’s fleet manager is the single point of contact for the boat. He is in constant communication with key members of the crew to help them keep the boat safe and deliver excellent service to the owner and guests. Additionally, he controls the financials of the boat and provides guidance in emergency situations.

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