Interior Manager

As head of the interior department, the Interior Manager coordinates all operations related to guests and is responsible for the ship’s interior care. These tasks among others include coordinating guest activities, organise the interior department, replenish inventory and discuss meal plans and activities.

To keep the vessel’s interior in excellent condition and provide outstanding service to the owner and to guests is the primary objective for the interior department.

To support the interior manager in achieving these goals IDEA implemented a set of easy to use functionalities that allow effective management of the interior and service department. Owner and guest information can be saved in secure module to allow the best possible service. Information can include meal preferences or even medical information like allergies.

All valuables can be tracked within the vessel database and, if necessary replenished using the stock control system. Preferred suppliers for each item can be assigned.

Tasks for all items can be created and assigned to crew members to efficiently plan and organise a working week with the help of an easy to use yacht management software.

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