First Officer

Directly positioned below the captain, the first officer has to take over not only administrative responsibilities, but also deck department responsibilities.

He supports the captain by taking over administrative and navigational tasks, especially with regards to compliance of the vessel to flag state and class regulations. In this role, he has to keep track of all certificates and safety drills needed to stay compliant with actual regulations.

The first officer is also in charge of the deck department. He manages the deck crew and oversees maintenance for deck and safety equipment. Furthermore, he helps maintain the safety and compliancy of the vessel. These responsibilities also include controlling the deck’s department budget and reordering spare parts for all deck and safety related equipment.

IDEA yacht management software supports the first officer in all his duties. Dedicated maintenance routines for his department allow a task-oriented view for all upcoming intervals for e.g. critical or safety equipment within his liabilities. A document overview allows him to manage all vessel related documents and certificates. To stay compliant at all times he has to execute drills in specified intervals and document the execution. A dedicated drill module supports him in this task by reminding him of upcoming drills and providing a means for documentation.

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