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Equipment Database
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Core Service

IDEA Data Solutions works in close collaboration with its customers before, during and after the implementation of the software. With a highly knowledgeable, dedicated support team who know their systems and their customers intimately, there is always somebody on hand to provide assistance, guidance and support.

Taking pride in a hands-on, customer-centric approach, IDEA Data Solutions provides much more than just an impressive software package. Working in collaboration with the customer throughout the selection, implementation and operational phases, IDEA Data Solutions provides a significant number of additional, tailored services to support the customer.

Equipment Database

Quick access to technical information

IDEA develops databases for super yacht managing software containing information about equipment, spare parts and inventory based on the details provided by the shipyard, crew, subcontractors and suppliers.

At the completion of the database build, the crew can find information on the maintenance of all critical and major equipment within IDEA yacht management software to ensure that the vessel is in excellent condition and compliant to class and register at all times. Information provided to the crew includes, but is not limited to, the following specifications:

  • Technical information
  • Locations
  • Engineer’s comments
  • Planned maintenance
  • Service history

With little or no training of our yacht management software, the user will be able to navigate through the database and obtain the above-mentioned information about any component within the database.

Database creation

With experience in building over 400 databases, IDEA Data Solutions works closely with its customers to build an Equipment Database that meets their specific needs. Information about equipment, spare parts and inventory is stored in an easy to access form that enables crew with minimal training to find information on the maintenance of major and critical equipment.

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Maintenance Plan

Increase resale value
IDEA can program the maintenance management system of the IDEA yacht management software according to the manufacturer, yard or crew instructions for the vessel’s critical, major and auxiliary equipment to fulfill the recommended maintenance intervals.

Major equipment:
All equipment needed to keep a vessel safely afloat and maneuverable, for example, main engines, generators rudder, bilge pumps etc.

Auxiliary equipment:
All equipment not directly related to the save operation of the ship such as the gangway, elevators, AV equipment, water maker etc.

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Digitization of supplied documentation – No loss of valuable documentation

During a new build or refit project, IDEA can support the crew and the shipyard in digitizing paper documentation to be part of your yacht management software.

  • Manufacturer manuals
  • Spare part catalogs
  • Technical drawings
  • System schemes
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Certificates
  • Correspondence
  • Reports

All digitized documents can be attached to the corresponding equipment within the ship’s database as a vital part for yacht management software. This ensures that no valuable information is lost for the crew.

Documentation services

Customers are often faced with the onerous task of storing large amounts of critical documentation electronically. IDEA supports the crew and shipyard in the task of digitising paper documentation (manufacturer manuals, spare part catalogues, technical drawings, system schemes, circuit diagrams, certificates, correspondence, reports), so that critical documents are stored and linked correctly with the corresponding equipment and are thereafter easily accessible within the vessel’s database.

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The requirements of each vessel are rarely identical and for this reason IDEA-YACHT enables the vessel management system to be customised to the specific needs of every customer. Safeguarding critical information, documentation and resources spanning the life of the vessel from construction to the current day, IDEA-YACHT provides a secure, easy-to-use, fail-safe and practical repository for everything required to successfully meet the challenges of managing a Superyacht. Keep everything in shipshape fashion with IDEA-YACHT, the market leader in software solutions for Superyachts.

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