Crew and Guest

Crew members and guests can be managed efficiently.

Easily managing your crew data is a very important part of a yacht management software – upload pictures and related documents such as medical reports or certifications and track arrival and departure dates of crew members. IDEA yacht provides an easy overview of each crew member and ensures that expired licenses, passports or visas do not endanger cruising plans.

The leave and rest planner is an extra part of the Crew and Guest database and allows for the planning of an optimized personnel resource plan to avoid shortcomings and to proactively manage the crew.

IDEA yacht records leave and rest times per crew member to fulfill regulations of rest days per law, to deliver an organised overview of the availability of the crew and tracks working hours and leave times to avoid idling cycles, this way your yacht management software becomes one of the most important resource, easily accessible and manageable, to handle access for all positions according to their role and status without breaches in security and privacy.

Please have a look at our “Administration” section to or the Purser’s role to  read about additional tools to manage your vessel.