Invitation Monaco Yacht Show 2018

We cordially would like to invite you to this year’s Monaco Yacht Show from 26th – 29th September to discover our newest developments for our software IDEA Yacht. Please feel welcome to visit us at Darse Sud at booth QS77 .

For the first time we will present ourselves as IDEA Data Solutions GmbH with lots of new features and developments for our brand and our software solutions.
Not only had the name of our company changed, but the name of our software, too. To indicate the major changes that are introduced within the next weeks we renamed our software from IDE.Net to IDEA Yacht.

Apart from many detail improvements throughout IDEA Yacht, we would like to give you the opportunity to have a first look on our updated user interface with lots of improvements in usability and functionality. Be excited to see all our new features at our booth at the show.

Please visit us in tent Darse Sud at QS77 to test our software and to discuss future developments and projects with one of our team members.
Please do not hesitate to contact us ( if you want to schedule a meeting or like to inquire on tickets.
Thank you for your interest and your confidence in us. We are looking forward to seeing you in Monaco!


Development Update / Product Update

The next big release of our yacht management software for Monaco is getting daily functionality updates.
Today I got the first glimpse of the newly re-designed vessel database, and just can’t help but want to share it with you all.

Stay tuned!

Why we do not build up every database by ourselves

Over the years I have been asked on various occasions “Why doesn’t IDEA force users on new-build and existing projects, to get a database populated in a standard format”, “Why does IDEA still sell empty software to new customers” and “why don’t you insist on a full training plan for new users once the software is purchased?”.

Well the simple answer is: because here at IDEA we want to provide our customers, with a solution which fits your needs. With collaboration between both parties, we aim to provide systems which tick all your boxes and leave you to concentrate on the more important tasks on-board.

A little story I would like to share with you:
“On a 68meter vessel a towel rail broke in one of the guest cabins. To replace this towel rail could became a very difficult task, due to the fact that there are hundreds of different manufacturers and designs available on the market today. Even if you could source a similar rail, there is a distinct possibility that the screw holes do not line up with the originals, resulting in a very expensive process or even having to replace a whole panel to accommodate the new fittings. The stewardess in this instance, who was familiar with the on-board database located the necessary part in the data file, which was listed together with the photo of the item, the details of manufacturer and the supplier. In no time at all the towel rail was replaced with the same part as the original, saving a lot of unnecessary additional costs.”

A package like IDEA will result in an easy to use database, and will allow the crew after only a few hours training, to use nearly 90 percent of the software’s potential! Not only saving you time but money.

Moral of the story: The investment in a software package can save you not only in the short term, but having a well-documented and maintained asset can save money over its entire life-time.

Best regards

How to raise events and link components with different equipment types!

Hi All,

this week we have the next two gems I would like to share with you:

  • Maintenance events, get tasks due by starting an event
  • Component equipment types, tag components with multiple custom types


A point on the wishlist list was a change in the maintenance system. With the next major release you will be able to raise maintenance events in IDEAYacht.

A task can be connected to an event – if this event is now started, the task will get due at the given date.

An event can be raised using the calendar page, simply right click and select raise an event or by using the raise event button on the maintenance plan page.

This will allow you to simply plan spare parts for docking periods, and all other events you would like to track in all departments.

Our third change is related to equipment type (components).

User are now able to select multiple custom value for a component.

This allows people to tag a component with their own data and offers new ways to structure your data.

All existing data was converted to the new schema, no change is required from the user to use the new system.

Connect to our LinkedIn page to be the first one who get informed!

Best regards