A product development update!

Hi All,

This month is full of new features, I am proud to present you my favorite two:

  • A peek to  the user interface changes, including upgrades for elements and pages
  • The new and improved vessel wide calendar view

Let’s have a look at our current web page and what is changed:

All confirm dialog where moved to the new framework and follow our new design guide as you can see below.

As only a new user interface is not enough, the release also contains other major parts:

Let’s start for this news feed with the new calendar view that is located under Home.

The calendar is able to show information from the following system parts:

  • Maintenance
  • Safety documents
  • Certificates
  • Leave and rest (sick and holiday)
  • Crew and guest – Birthday, passport ,crew ID cards, medical details
  • Drills
  • Purchase

The calendar also allows you to hide/show different types or search in  the database.

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IDEA goes LinkedIn

Step-by-Step IDEA’s new identity envolves more and more. This week we made the next step by implementing our IDEA LinkedIn account to inform more and more regular with new information for all professional people in yachting!
Stay Tuned!

IDEA goes mobile

After some months of being anxious for getting a release date of our Mobile Application for iPhone(TM), it has been released without further notice. Thanks Apple: AppStore!

Getting all the advantages of our mobile offline version to an iPhone(TM) is the newest and hottest IDEA development!



Also the new release 2018.3 rocks:

– A recycle bin for the complete vessel database
– The first bits and pieces realigned for the IDEA user experience redesign (new pages, new menu, new clarity within the modules)
– A filter section for the Purchase Order module to filter and order the PO tree
– Search functionality for documents attached to a history entry

Just to name the most important things!

Check out our latest version